Sunday, September 12, 2010

NYFW Favorites- Christian Siriano

My bestie sent me a link to Christian Siriano's runway show and I found myself gasping and sighing over nearly every look. He truly is a fashion genius and one of the only Project Runway winners to see major success. His collection began with luxurious leather and sultry white and remained neutral in color for a dozen looks. But despite the limited color palette, each look was still amazing. Asymmetrical necklines, ruffle details done in innovative and interesting ways, ridiculously beautiful shoes, cocktail dresses, impeccably tailored pants and jackets, every detail was simply stunning.

My favorite look was one of the most simple, a perfect white belted dress:

What I wouldn't give to wear this look. It's stunning in its simplicity. Of course the fierce shoe helps add a touch of edge- so Siriano, don't you think? Another one of my favorite neutral looks was this suit:

The asymmetrical ruffle detail on the jacket is one that popped up more than once in this runway show. I like that the ruffle is soft and fluid and cut in such a way that it's part of the front of the jacket, not just attached to it. Genius.

After a dozen luxe looks in white, brown and grey, Christian finally introduced a colorful print, but not just any print- an absolutely stunning turquoise and brown:

That Christian sure does know drama. This gown wasn't the first look utilizing this print, but it was my favorite. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous gown. The bright pop of color was followed by another group of neutrals, but in darker shades, beautiful metallics and rich prints. My favorite was this look:

The gown itself is absolutely stunning, but the leather jacket addition is so chic. I can just hear Rachel Zoe gushing over the brilliant combination of the two. I'm in love. Next up came a group in fiery reds, but still following the same esthetic of asymmetrical ruffles and impeccably draped dresses, gowns and separates. I loved these cocktail dresses:

I also loved this suit (there's that shoulder ruffle detail again!)

The finale of the show included two major show-stopping gowns in true Siriano-over-the-top fashion:

I am afraid that having seen Christian's collection first, it will be hard to find another collection that can live up to it. You can bet that if and when I do, I'll be blogging about it. In the meantime, if you want to check out the rest of Christian's collection, go here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

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