Friday, July 2, 2010

Tony's photos at last

Remember when I told you my fabulous friend Jen was going to the Tony Awards? Well, we Skyped that day to discuss the outfit and I think she really nailed it:

First of all, isn't Jen a total BABE? Second, I love the plunging neckline of this dress and because it's a modest length and has the lovely dolman sleeves, she's not showing too much skin. (Although I hear there was a bit of double-sided tape involved- tricks of the trade, folks, tricks of the trade.) I also love that she mixed her metallics up. She stuck with a mostly silver scheme, but the shoes also have a bit of a darker pewter metallic finish to them, so nothing is too matchy-matchy. This helped keep the look modern and on-trend. Jen also added the brooch to the dress and I think it really adds the perfect amount of glam to the the look. There were several earring options discussed, but I was happy to see she went with the chandeliers. Like I said in that original post, the Tony's are a good opportunity to add a bit more drama to an outfit and I think Jen nailed it. Thanks for letting me post you on the blog, Dubba J!

In other exciting news, Jen is currently the assistant choreographer for an Off-Broadway show. Who knows- maybe the next time she's at the Tony's it will be as a nominee! Fingers crossed!


Jen Jenkins said...

Thanks Bouchie!! I couldn't have decided on that outfit without you. You are the best!!

Maria said...

Great look, head to toe!

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