Monday, February 22, 2010

Why You Should Wear Dangling Earrings

I don't have a particularly long, swan-like neck, although I certainly wouldn't mind if genetics had dealt me that hand. Unfortunately, you can't change what you're born with. Well, you can, thanks to modern plastic surgery techniques, but even those amazing developments can only take you so far. Even if there was a surgery that could make my neck as long and lean as Nicole Kidman's or Victoria Beckham's, I certainly couldn't afford it. So instead, I stick to the tried and true style methods that help me minimize the stump-effect. No one wants to look like her head is growing directly out of her shoulders, but all too often, women with less than elegant necks dress them to their detriment. How can you avoid looking like Stumpy-neck McStumperson? It's easy! I present to you: Three Steps to a Longer-Looking Neck.

Step 1.) Wear v-neck tops. The open-ness, combined with the depth of the "v" does two things. First, it provides an uninterrupted vertical line and second is offers maximum exposure, both of which create the illusion of length. A deep scoop neckline will also work, but the point at the bottom of the "v" is more effective. Necklines to avoid? Turtlenecks, high scoops, nehru collars and rounded or jewel necklines. None of these will do you any favors.  

Step 2.) Wear a lariat necklace. A thin chain with a small pendant will draw the eye to your neck while still allowing the maximum neck exposure, so even though there is ornamentation, it doesn't look like your neck is being smothered. A lariat necklace is the best choice because of how the chain drapes down from the noose-like closure, once again drawing the eye in a vertical direction. Avoid chokers because they do the opposite- they chop the line of your neck horizontally, especially if they are thick or much darker thank your skin tone.

Infinity Lariat, Etsy, $37.50

Step 3.) Wear long, dangling earrings. Long earrings once again draw the eye in a vertical direction- are you noticing a theme with these three steps? (If not, here's a hint: it starts with "v" and rhymes with.... umm... "her tickle.") In addition, a dangling earring will draw the eye upward, not just along your neck, but as far up as your earlobe, lengthening the line that much further.

To sum up: deep v-necks, delicate lariat necklaces and long, dangling earrings will make even the stumpiest of necks look positively swan-like. Simple, right? And just remember: Any "problem" area you may have, be it a short neck, wide hips, a large tummy, thick arms, big breasts and butt, no breasts or butt, and anything else you can think of can all be dressed in a flattering manner. It's the same principle magicians use- misdirection, or to put it more nicely, simply forcing the eye where you want it to go and keeping it from looking where you don't want it to go.

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