Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prints for Men

I realized after finishing my last post that I haven't written much for guys lately. So I'm going to continue the post about wearing prints, but it's all for the boys this time! I love it when a guy can pull off a nice print, but I understand why so few men try. It's no easy task! So many guys I know are stuck in a polo shirt/khaki pants rut. You know what I mean- it seems like there is a uniform that was distributed for all the men out there. Admittedly, menswear is not nearly as varied as womenswear, but still, you guys can do better. And I'm here to help you! For starters, get yourself a striped oxford (button-down shirts)- these are so much more visually interesting than just your basic solid oxford, not to mention really slimming! (And who doesn't want to wear clothes that are slimming?) Target has a couple of lines of fitted mens shirts that come in a handful of colors, including a striped version. Express For Him is chock full of nice, fitted button-downs for men in literally every color of the rainbow as well as some prints including this striped number:
Or this plaid one:
Unlike my advice for women, men should avoid too large or busy a print. You may wonder if it's okay to wear a print to work and the answer is: Absolutely! Keep your shirt tucked in and pair it with a nice, sleek pair of trousers in a solid color and you can go even more bold than you ever thought possible. If you are going to choose a very complicated print in eye-catching colors, keep the suit and tie solid and understated so as to balance out the look. And whatever you do, don't wear this shirt unless you're on stage doing a Tom Jones cover:

I hope this has been helpful for all you gents. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, or leave a comment with your question. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone!

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