Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have to admit, I absolutely LOVE that feeling when I see something so beautiful, so stunning, so unexpected, it takes my breath away. I remember the first time I saw this dress was at a home decor store, of all places. It was one of those moments when I was literally stunned- my jaw dropped, my heart pounded and I couldn't get over the beauty of what I was seeing. It's more than just the beautiful silhouette, and of course the amazing fabrication to create the butterfly wings- it's a dress that is truly magical. Even looking at it now as I type this blog, I'm completely in awe of it. Type "butterfly dress" into google and you'll not only see this amazing creation, but also any number of silly-looking costume-y outfits. Not a single one compares. Even though this dress takes the concept to the limit, it works flawlessly. Designed by Luly Yang, a Seattle-based couture designer, it's probably her best known work. If you have the time to visit her site and watch some of her fashion shows, it will be time well spent. She is a designer who truly understands drama. As for the home decor store- well, apparently an artist was inspired to use the dress in his artwork. So, no, this is not a vintage cover of Couture magazine. Here's the dress displayed in Yang's Seattle shop:

Have you ever seen anything so stunning? It is at this very moment making my heart race.


Anonymous said...

this dress is so beautiful how much does it cost???

Anonymous said...

thats exactly what i wanna know!

DevilDino said...

This is so beautiful!
It takes on a modern vintage feel.

Anonymous said...

Great can I get it for my daughter?

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